Featured Collection: June

I am so pleased to introduce you to Citronola. The owner, Claudia, is a gem and a total wellness inspiration. I am so honored to share her teas with you. Read my interview with Claudia below and be sure to check out her teas on our website or find more information at https://www.citronola.com.  

I love that you recreated the drinks you grew up drinking in Guatemala to be a healthier version for your children. How has Citronola evolved since the early days of making batches for family and friends in your kitchen? 

It all started in my kitchen, small batches and 6 different flavors, some of them slightly sweetened. As the customer base grew, I noticed that the unsweetened versions were our most popular and healthiest option. We continued to grow to the point where my kitchen was not big enough for the demand - so we started the adventure of brewing big batches at a local copacker. 

Your company motto is 'Refresh Naturally'. Tell us the importance behind your decision to minimize sugars and include only natural ingredients in your teas. 

Excess refined sugars are linked to poor health, and the options available for low or no sugar beverages are limited or filled with ingredients you don’t know how to pronounce. Going back to basics, simple flavors and using ingredients as natural as possible is the perfect combo to refresh in a healthy way.

How did you land on the name Citronola?

Originally citruses had a big role in our beverages, and some of the teas still have a blend of citrus. The creative process of this adventure started in New Orleans (NOLA), and so Citronola was born.

What would you like to achieve in 2021 with Citronola? 

DISTRIBUTION! I would love everyone in the US to have healthier options available to enjoy. 

What flavors do you offer and what makes them so special to you? 

Hibiscus tea was our everyday refreshment in Guatemala instead of sodas. This was the origin behind our Hibiscus + Pineapple Peel Tea and the Hibiscus + Clove Tea. Cinnamon water was offered at birthday parties and on special occasions - Cinnamon + Anise Tea was created from that memory.

Where can people find you when you're not serving up the most delicious (& healthiest) teas?  

I enjoy doing outdoor runs with my four-legged partner (Jones), bike rides around town, swimming and always with an eye on a new race. During the evenings I am a full-time mom to my three teenagers and love to cook and eat dinner with my family.