Featured Collection: May

I am beyond excited to introduce you to Galante. The owner, Brigitte, is beautiful inside and out and I am so honored to share her product with you. Read my interview with Brigitte below and be sure to check out her pieces on our website or find more of her pieces at https://www.galantecollection.com 

What sparked the idea to curate a jewelry collection?  Growing up I have always been enamored with vintage jewelry and specialty pieces. It was a passion of mine to be a collector and I wanted to share my love for jewelry with others.  Jewelry plays such an important role to one's individual style. Accessories can be timeless, bold, and daring, but the beauty is also that it's interchangeable.  A single outfit can be recreated while wearing different pieces, creating different emotions and memories. The true inspiration is that I've always wanted women to feel glamorous in who they are as an individual.

Tell us, how did you decide to name your brand Galante?  Galante by definition is the feminine French version of chivalry. It was important to have a strong name to define the brand. With Galante, I wanted to emphasize the fact that we are empowered women who empower women. Females should feel confident with themselves, embrace their imperfections while still feeling glamorous and supporting one another.

What inspires you to create?  The beauty of creativity is that it's the freedom of self-expression. To me, it’s always been a form of therapy and relaxation- whether it’s painting with the kids, getting dressed up for a night out (I miss those times), curating a collection, or filming & editing for the brand. It’s special to create something of your own and feel proud. Once you’ve let go of other people’s opinions, the opportunities are endless to do what you want to do.

What is your hope for 2021?  I would love to continue to work and collaborate with creatives and entrepreneurs-such as yourself! Its empowering to put yourself out there and meet new people. You quickly start to realize the opportunities are endless. 

What is something you feel you have learned about yourself and your business over the last year?  I've learned it is very challenging to own your own business and easy to put certain things off since you are your own boss. I’ve now started prioritizing better and creating lists and goals to help keep me remain accountable.

How do you hope your work evolves and where do you see yourself going next?  I would love to design my own jewelry line and continue to work with and support all the women out there moving forward with their passion. Who knows, maybe a physical store location could be in the near future as well!