About TIB

Welcome to my space of dreams! The In Between is all about balance. Balance found in between the cost of an item and its usual retail price. I firmly believe quality should not be a luxury and our prices are adjusted to reflect just that. For every stage in your life, you deserve to be surrounded by goods that make your house feel like your home.

Growing up, I attended home & goods markets across the country with my mother, who is a brilliant interior designer. These events not only gave us bonding time but provided me with the chance to learn trends, product costs and establish relationships with brands and vendors. At first, I would get excited seeing certain brands or products that I knew in home décor or lifestyle shops. After time though, this excitement wore off, realizing that products were marked 3x to sometimes 7x the price I saw just months earlier at market. This led me to only buy direct from vendors or shop sample sales at the market centers. Which all changed when I left Dallas to be in New Orleans. Leaving the ability to purchase items at their wholesale price from market centers, I was confronted with buying items retail. Not long after that, The In Between was born.

Brittani with her favorite flowers